NX Horizon Hail Pro™

The solar tracker industry’s new gold standard for hail risk mitigation combines industry-leading hardware features, advanced software controls, and tailored services from our hail experts.

Hail risk is a growing threat to the solar industry, threatening major damage to PV modules and creating insurability challenges in hail-prone regions. While module selection and operational protocols play a critical role in protecting utility-scale solar installations, the stowing capabilities of solar trackers can make the difference between a hailstorm that shatters PV glass with direct hits or one that merely scores glancing blows.

NX Horizon Hail Pro™ is the comprehensive hail solution the solar industry has been waiting for, offering new stowing capabilities as well as the operator flexibility required to address the unique dangers of hailstorms. Building on the inherent hail stowing strengths of the industry-leading NX Horizon™ tracker platform, Hail Pro adds 360° wind engineering, enhanced speed of stowing commands, expanded software tools, and tailored support services.

Projects in regions facing especially severe hail risks can enhance their protection with optional features including Hail Pro-75 – the industry’s first tracker capable of 75° stow angles, which can improve PV module survivability against potentially-devastating hailstones.

Download the datasheet to learn more about Hail Pro’s hardware, software, and service features, and how they combine to give lenders and insurers the hail risk mitigation assurances they are increasingly demanding.

Watch the Hail Pro video here.

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