NX Horizon-XTR: Terrain following solar tracker unlocks deployment now on even more challenging sites

With the continued success of solar power, sites for new utility-scale developments become more challenging. Hilly terrain used to make projects risky and costly, two challenges NX Horizon XTR with its terrain-following capability, successfully took on. Built on the proven technology of our independent row tracker NX Horizon, XTR has already been deployed on more than 10 GW of projects on multiple continents. Starting in 2023, XTR-1.5 doubles the terrain-following capabilities, enabling you to tackle more challenging terrain than ever before.

NX Horizon-XTR can eliminate or dramatically reduce time-consuming and costly site grading. When less earth needs to be moved, projects can de-risk and save cost. Preserving the topsoil helps maintain healthy vegetation and minimize the potential for erosion throughout the project life. Projects with minimal grading are more likely to gain community acceptance and obtain permits faster.

NX Horizon XTR achieves all of this by tapping into its proven core architecture used across 100 GW of solar power globally. No complex joints or special drive mechanisms are needed. Learn more about what NX Horizon XTR and XTR-1.5 can do for you by downloading our datasheet. 

Download the datasheet for more information.