White Paper Offers Case Studies and Third-Party Data That Validate TrueCapture Optimization of Utility Solar Plant Performance

Nextracker has deployed its TrueCaptureTM smart solar tracker yield optimization and control software on gigawatts of utility solar projects around the world.

Since 2017, Nextracker has been deploying TrueCapture, its machine-learning solar tracker software for optimization of utility-scale PV power plant performance. Years of operational data collected from gigawatts of installed capacity across four continents have confirmed the promise of TrueCapture: in site after site, the energy yield gains from TrueCapture are predictable and bankable, providing asset owners with gigawatt-hours of additional production and millions of dollars in additional revenue.

A new Nextracker white paper, “Enhancing Energy Yields with TrueCapture: Using Nextracker’s Proven Intelligent Control Capabilities to Optimize Solar Project Financing and Plant Performance,” provides third-party, independent engineer-validated data from three solar power plants in the U.S. and Mexico.

Across the board, the case studies cited in the white paper show that TrueCapture’s advanced control algorithms’ ability to mitigate inter-row shading and adjust for diffuse light conditions on a variety of site conditions have increased energy output by at least 2%--the equivalent of hundreds of megawatt-hours or more annually. These kinds of verifiable, field-proven results have led numerous asset owners and developers to add TrueCapture to both their new projects and existing fleets.

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